Business growth can be accomplished in a number of ways. Advertising or word-of-mouth are typical examples. However, advertising is very expensive and difficult to get right and word-of-mouth takes time. Another excellent way to expand your business is to find businesses that can see business for you. You return the complement by seeing business for them. That is what BusinessFood aims to achieve for you.

The major benefit of finding businesses that complement each other is the process does not cost any money. It does cost a little time. Traditionally, this would have involved meeting lots of other business mangers and networking. This can take a great deal of time and finding other businesses interested in pairing up can often involve meeting large numbers of people who are perhaps only interested in selling their own services. While there is nothing wrong with that, BusinessFood makes the process easier by concentrating businesses together that are interested in this highly effective method of business growth.

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If you are an entrepreneur or putting together a business plan, you can rapidly begin to get a small business moving by creating relationships with other businesses that can see business opportunities for you. Business ideas can flow between different businesses that complement each other while not competing with each other. Simple really.

The tools on BusinessFood provide you with a way to develop your business by firstly allowing you to search for business that are complementary to yours. Once you have seen a few businesses you think you could partner with, you can then explore reasons other users have suggested as to why partnering with these businesses might make sense. Once you have satisfied yourself some of these ideas are worth using you can contact other businesses and start discussing ways to help each other.

BusinesssFood is about feeding your business to help it grow. Hopefully it will become part of your business strategy in the future.

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