What is BusinessFood ?

Expanding your business without spending any money is the ultimate goal of this website.

How does it work ?

Use the tools on this website to find businesses that complement your business. The keyword here is complement.

How will finding businesses that complement your business help?

Businesses that complement your business will be able to see business for you. You will also be able to see business for them. You both win. For example, a wedding photographer and a wedding cake maker are very likely to be able to help each other generate more business without being competitors or by selling anything to each other. This is a simple and fairly obvious example. However, many potential good relationships might not be obvious and that is why relationships can be defined by our users in the Relationship page. The possibilities of how different business types can interact are endless.

BusinessFood allows you to define how different business types can help each other. This definition can then be used by other users. Definitions created by other users could be very inspiring for you. Do not forget to add some relationship definitions yourself! Just think how good it would feel to know real businesses are using your ideas.

Give me a quick guide ?

1) From the Search page select your business area.

2) When the results are returned, click on a complementary business type.

3) View the reasons why this business type will complement your business.

4) Send a private message to companies who would like to hear from complementary businesses (registration required). You can select a couple of reasons defined by others to further your case.

Does finding complementary businesses and business collaboration have any downsides?

Yes, it can take some effort.

What if I see a businesses I can market my products to on this site?

Please do not market any products or services. The whole point of BusinessFood is to find businesses you can collaborate with and thus generate more revenue together. You both have to win.

Is this like business networking ?

If you have ever been to a business network event and sat there as people attempt to sell you their services whilst not caring in the slightest about your business, you will hopefully realise this is different.

Good Luck!

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